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Corrie grew up in the small, rural township of Harborcreek, Pennsylvania among grape vineyards and farms. She was raised by her great-grandparents who were first generation Americans. From a young age they instilled in her a pride in country, community and family, and taught her the value of service to others. She worked to attain a degree in Accounting while raising two young boys, Colin and Darren, and advocating for her autistic son. Corrie has resided with her family in Chesapeake since 2008. She worked for the Chesapeake Treasurer's office for eight years from 2013 to 2021. She is an inspiring, natural, effective leader with a passion that is infectious to everyone she engages. Her desire for positive change and bringing out the best in people is a central part of her character and her decision to run for office.


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As the collector of revenue, the Treasurer's office hears directly how tax rates affect citizens. Each year the Personal Property Tax Relief Act credit provides a lower percentage of tax relief for personal use vehicles. While the Treasurer cannot personally change tax rates, she should advocate on behalf of our taxpayers to keep Real Estate tax rates from increasing and for lower Personal Property tax rates on personal use vehicles. Low tax rates will attract more businesses and families looking to call Chesapeake home and increase the overall economy for our city.


I have personally heard from taxpayers and businesses their frustration with using the current, confusing website and payment systems, as well as their difficulty in contacting the office. The Treasurer’s office is in dire need of modernization. We need to utilize available 21st century technology to better service our citizens. As City Treasurer I will make it easier and more cost effective for businesses to work with our office.


The Treasurer is entrusted to responsibly manage citizens' tax dollars. Tax dollars are inefficiently managed and wasted when politicians use the office for personal endeavors, Treasurer employees lack proper equipment and turnover rate is unacceptably high. The office then fails to perform it's primary duty: collecting revenue. I will work to bring fiscal and ethical responsibility back to the office, adequately staff the office, and ensure employees have the necessary equipment to increase productivity and revenue collection.


I am from humble beginnings and understand the everyday struggles of my fellow Chesapeake citizens. Taxpayers who are struggling need an empathetic Treasurer. While the job of Treasurer is to collect revenue and cannot reduce taxes, we must remember there are real people behind each property tax bill. I know once I am elected, I can make a difference in every citizen's life.


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